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Census not available. Post office established February 21, 1890 and discontinued in 1935. Former town started by J.M. Cravens after 1893. Post office had been established previously near the village. Some authorities believed the town was named for the Armours, Chicago meatpackers.

Before the founding of Armour, David Knouse owned all of the Southwest quarter in section 21 of Plum Creek precinct where the town was platted. Mr. Knouse also owned property in section 28, and it was in the northwest corner of this section that he opened the first store in town about the year of 1882. The first post office was in his store building. The town was known to early settlers as Knouse or Knouseville. Later, the post office was moved to a frame building northeast of the location on the hill east of where the Kansas City and Northwestern depot was later built. Following Mr. Knouse's disposal of his store, Mr. J. Williams operated a store until he sold to Mr. J.M. Cravens, who also had the post office.

It was in 1896 that Mr. Cravens decided to plat a town on his land. He named the town Armour because he thought the rich Armour Packing Co. might favor the town with a liberal donation. This didn't materialize, but the Kansas City and Northwestern railroad did in 1899. It was here that the first Burlington elevator was built, in 1894 or 1895.

Al Root build the first hotel, but Mrs. Gillen and Mrs. Ed Crasier kept roomers and boarders. O.B. Leslie had the first blacksmith shop, followed by Ernie Arnold, Ed Crane, and William Frilcox. A Mr. Kiggens opened a restaurant. Two stores were operated by various individuals. Armour had one church, the Methodist. The building was built in the later 1890's with a partition through the center. It was also used as a school. The foundation was built of rock hauled from the James Ray farm in Section 33. The church was torn down in 1942.

Besides the businesses, Armour had about 25 occupied dwellings. The cemetery was located about 1/4 mile west of the location of the school.

(From History of Plum Creek by Mrs. Dottie Dover, October 2, 1942. Information collected by Mrs. Jeanette Miller Ulmer). Location Section 21-2-9.


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