Yvonne Dalluge
Kathleen Jacobitz
Marcia Borcher
Sandi Corbitt-Sears
Dick Taylor

At the Simon house in old Pawnee City

I'm Strong for Chicago! (audio)


Arley Goodenkauf's Musical Career ~ the radio orchestra and big band era

Harold Lloyd ~ our grandparents could have seen him working in some movie theater

Frederick William Koester's Story ~ presented by Donna Beck

Irish McCalla & the Magic Window ~ the real Golden Years of television

Reminiscences of Judd Percival ~ recollections of pioneer days in Pawnee County

William Brown Raper's Story ~ presented by Emily Brown

Tom "Bear River" Smith ~ Mr. Smith goes to Washington Street in Pawnee 

Prophetic thoughts of Will Smith ~ back to their future

Professor R. B. Thornton  ~ he taught Pawnee county students and Arlington Spangler Brugh

Kenneth Wherry ~ Pawnee County's man in Washington a half century ago

Newton Wilson ~ Mr. Airline Caterer, first president of Sky Chefs

Out of Scotland (Wisharts) ~ they left the Auld World for the New


Albright & Wishart ~ a variety store in 1888 Pawnee City

Bunker Hill School Neighborhood ~ Kim Vrtiska presents recollections in 1939 of early settlers

Lone Star School - 1952 ~ those scholarly times in the Heart of the Universe

Pawnee City Academy ~ book learning and school-housing for the formative years

Pawnee County Court House Repairs ~ being constructive around Pawnee County

Pawnee School, Pawnee County ~ 1878 report of District 1 student attendance

Early History of Pawnee ~ a history presented in 1939 by Mrs. H. H. Bull

Sheriffs & Court Houses  ~ records, justice, and law enforcement

Summerfield ~ once they built a railroad and made it run right into Pawnee County

Table Rock's Table Rock ~ a rocky existence in the 19th Century

The Original Table Rock ~  Kim & Kris Vrtiska present Elsie Pepoon Sutton's report

Legend of the Table Rock ~ Kim Vrtiska presents a Table Rock Argus article from 1896

The Table Rock Opera House ~ Kim Vrtiska presents information about a Table Rock landmark

West Branch ~ a history presented in 1944 by Mrs. Ella Turnbull


Cincinnati School - 1905 ~ school days in the early 20th Century

Cincinnati School - 1897-98 ~ school days in the late 19th Century

Frog Pond School ~ District 61 school kids more than a century ago

Mystery Photo ~ who are these people from old Pawnee?

Pawnee City photos of olden times ~ how things appeared to be back around Y1.9K 


Blizzard of 1888 ~ cold and snow like you've never seen

Dingus' Last Ride ~ on the road again in 1882

Early Settlement ~ Mother Nature on the wild frontier

The Big Pawnee City Fire ~ blazing saddles in the ol' livery barn

The Zulu ~ Fred Wishart tells of riding one out of town on a rail in 1898

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